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Curated by DSH #002

Curated by DSH #002 

Tracklist for #002: P.E.A.R.L.
01.Steve Moore - Panther Moderns [L.I.E.S.]
02.Architectural - Plastic Dreams [Non Series]
03.Voiski - Answer Silently [Delsin Records]
04.JK Flesh - Low Alloy [Electric Deluxe]
05.Simon Shreeve - S KA [Downwards]
06.Carter Tutti Void - V3 [Mute Records]
07.Svreca - Trance (Yves De Mey Lush 104 Remix) [Semantica]
08.Dedekind Cut - Caution [Hospital Productions] 
09.Juho Kahilainen - Xemx [M_REC LTD]
10.Evigt Mˆrker - Apostat [Semantica]
11.Skee Mask - Shred 08 [Ilian Tape]
12.Kalon - Man Is The Superior Animal (Regis Original 12) [Sandwell District]
13.NX1 - SR1 [Semantica]
14.Gunnar Haslam - Nonservo [L.I.E.S.]
15.Blawan - Rubber Industry [Ternesc]
16.Autechre - Maetl [Warp Records]
17.Voiski - Galaxy Call [Delsin Records]
18.Rich Oddie - Bloodstream [Surface Records]
19.Kwartz - Uncontrollable Process Of Self-Destruction [Mord Records]
20.Tensal - Effect 1 [PoleGroup]
21.Cirkle - The Tower [Float Records]
22.Tim Wolf - Skeptic (Jonas Kopp Stripped Light Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
23.Dimi AngÈlis - Spitzer [ANGLS]
24.Steve Bicknell - Disguise of Beings [Blueprint]
25.Makaton - Slur [Blueprint]
26.P.E.A.R.L. - Trees Of Eternity [Falling Ethics]
27.Tensal - Forma 2 [Tensal]
28.Orphx - Outcast [Sonic Groove]
29.Boards Of Canada - June 9th [Warp Records]
30.Unspecified Enemies - Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit [Counter Attack]
31.Surgeon - Floorshow Pt. 2 - 4 [Counterbalance]
32.AFX - AFX 2 [Mighty Force]
33.British Murder Boys - Don't Give Way To Fear Pt 1 [Counterbalance]
34.The Exaltics - Snake Mountain [Shipwrec]
35.Russell Haswell - Gas Attack (DJ Stingray 'Atropine Mix') [Diagonal Records]
36.British Murder Boys - First (Live in Tokyo) [Downwards]