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Transporta Records

Transporta Records 
Prague, Czech Republic 


Pluge - Day Before Execution (live version) (nevydáno)
Pluge - Sunday Morning (dosud nevydáno)
British Murder Boys - In Another Country (Liberation Technologies)
Pluge - Leading By Example (Transporta Records)
Kalon - Man Is The Superior Animal (Sandwell District)
Shifted - Out Of Tune (Mote Evolver)
Reeko - Emission Of Electrons Of A Surface (Pole Recordings)
British Murder Boys - Don’t Give Way To Fear (Counterbalance)
AFX - Falling Free (white label)
Nine Inch Nails - At The Heart Of It All (Created By Aphex Twin) (Warp Records)
Ancient Methods - Second Method/Untitled (Ancient Methods)
Xhin - Hunters (Token)
Pluge - Untitled (dosud nevydáno)
Sandwell District - Grey Cut Out (Sandwell District)
EQD - Equalized (Equalized)
Vex’d - Fire (Planet Mu)
Go Hiyama - Spiral (Counter Pulse)
Reeko - Segmento 1 (Mental Disorder)
British Murder Boys - Fist (Downwards)
Autologic - Illicit Major (Singularity Recordings)
Wetrix - I Scream Up To The Sky (Transporta Records)
Pluge - To Have A Reason To Swallow (Transporta Records)
Surgeon - You Know I Love You (?)